Want to put down some of the things that have been said to me from people in my life that have made me stop and really think….and those powerful words have stayed with me….been carried through numerous work outs and obstacles in life….and I want to share them with you too….so enjoy….I know I did….

“Mommy even if you don’t win today, I am proud of you….but try really hard to win because I want a trophy” ….Drew Schmidt

“Water is for the weak, you are not weak, do not dare think or even want water ….ever” ….Olmar…

“You have bad days, good days, and ok days….You will have mostly bad days rather than good ones….but when you have a good day, go after a PR”….Beau Burgener

“You suck at that”….JB Lacombe

“The irony is that when you have little to no chance of having a good performance because sports require that you take risks to be successful. You must make the commitment to go for it before you begin. You can only do that when you aren’t afraid to fail. And one important way to not fear failure is to believe that regret is far worse than failure”….Jim Taylor

“As you are out having a drink with your friends, enjoying a party, or a get together….someone out there is training and getting better….they want it….and want it more than you, and they chose to be in a gym vs. a gathering”….Arnold Schwarzenegger

“I don’t count my sit ups, I count the ones that start hurting because those are the ones that count”….Muhammad Ali

“Don’t be afraid to dream and be a dreamer” ….Ernie Buttler

“How bad do you want this”….Dusty Flores

“You will eat, sleep, dream, and live this sport”….Mary Ousley

And I will end with something I say ….

“To the times you want to stop, the pain starts to rush over and your body is screaming NO MORE….ask yourself….are you going to stop and give up…..Or are you going to smile, tap into crazy, and go harder”….Tasha Schmidt